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suddenlystills's Journal

Suddenly Stills: An All-Inclusive Stills Community
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Suddenly Stills
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You've found Suddenly Stills, a LiveJournal community dedicated to stills contests. We are a bi-weekly (two weeks per round) contest open to any and all fandoms. Rounds will have various technical and interpretive themes or ideas, and they will be open to anyone that wants to participate. Warning: Some rounds may be focused upon animated show/movie caps, and some may be focused on just live-action. These will be rare, but the mods reserve the right to use these as restrictions.
You must join the community in order to comment and participate.
Posting guidelines are very simple: include your icons and their anonymous URL beneath them in a response to the challenge post. Mods will post voting, and after that, they will make a round master post with all icons and their makers, so proper credit can be given. Once the master post is up, you are free to post your stills in your private journals and icon comms all across LJ.

Most importantly, please make sure that when voting comes around, you vote fairly. Please don't vote for yourself or tell others to vote for you. Please also vote on the composition of the icon versus the subject of the icon. No .gif icons will be accepted. Please also only submit the maximum number of icons allowed, and when all icons are revealed, try to leave feedback for your peers! It's a great way to grow as an artist.
Suddenly Stills will post its first round on January 1, 2013. Months will follow this pattern:
1st - Challenge posted
11th - Challenge closes, voting posted
14th - Voting closes, winners posted
15th - Challenge posted
25th - Challenge closes, voting posted
28th - Voting closes, winners posted.
Any remaining days in the month will be a break until the cycle repeats the following month.